Get to know some of the image models of the Escolá Group


Throughout the more than 60 years of existence of our parent brand Escolá, it´s been a pleasure to count on the most gorgeous and, most importantly, professional models to represent the image of our collections. ?.

All of them became part of us somehow. That´s why we love seeing them succeed in life personally and professionally. It makes us really happy to see them in the national and international media.

And now we introduce some of the fantastic women with whom we shared the shoot during these past seasons:

STACEY, SS18 Preview catalog for our Mercedes Escolá brand (and in double session in the AW17 season for the Escolá brand). On her link to Instagram here you will see her recent and brilliant appearance in Cosmopolitan. So marvelous that even the orca in the Orange advertisement dances at her mercy.

CRISTINA, for Escolá SS17. Model and entrepreneur, co-founder of Uniko models! What else?! We have seen her recently in the spot of Reflex in the national TV. Here you will find the link to her Instagram, or the link to her fantastic model agency website here.

EVELYN for the Escolá AW2015 catalog. Beauty, youth, strength and exoticism, but above everything, her working philosophy “work hard in silence, let your success be your noise” that made her to star in the last campaign of El Corte Inglés and win the prize for the best catwalk model of the Gran Canaria Swimwear Fashion Week last June. You can see her walking down on the catwalk here or follow her on her Instagram here.

And if we talk about Models (yes, starting with capital letter), we only can finish this post recalling who was our image for the AW 2009 catalog. The legendary model, muse of Saint Laurent in the 90´s and currently in perfect harmony between maternity and nature: the big CRISTINA PIAGET. An admirable career both personal and professional. Her Instagram here.

At Escolá Group we are pleased to think that…either we have a good eye to detect talent or we have a great talent to launch our models into stardom!! ☄☄
After seeing our work history…Would you like to launch your professional career as a model with us? ?

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